The Last of us

General Membership

General Membership is your best way to utilize our resources and find out what we're all about. We organize weekly Tuesday meetings that include equity pitches, educational presentations and opportunities to meet industry professionals in all facets of finance. In addition, members have the opportunity to invest in our fund, access exclusive (not on the website) resources such as finance interview guides, books, and older pitches. Practical finance skill is so important and the best way to learn is with others. Throughout the semester, we hold several value investing tutorials, along with financial modeling workshops. Members will have the opportunity to build financial models from ground up with hands-on guidance from Officers. The Berkeley Investment Group Membership aims to introduce students new to investing in an interactive fashion. This is the first step to joining our community: become a member.

Intro to Wall Street

The Intro to Wall Street DeCal is taught by BIG officers Wednesdays 6-8pm and offers a perfect avenue for relative novices to learn more about investment. The class starts with the basics of analyzing a company and lectures on how the market works, and gradually progresses to simple modeling by the end of the semester. By the end of the course, every student will be able to formulate and support their own investment theses. This is a great place to start for new members who hope to later proceed to the intern program. The top performers automatically get an interview. Here's a link: Official DeCal Page

The Last of us

Intern Program


The Berkeley Investment Group offers a semester-long internship as a means of training exceptional students to become analysts. It's ambitious. Why? Because the program is in-depth and very fast-paced with different topics within finance being introduced every single week. Applications go out typically at the beginning of each semester after our first infosession. Applicants are required to write up a stock pitch with heavy emphasis given on both the creativity of their ideas and validity of their variant perception, or how the analysis differs from what the Street is thinking. Upon passing the initial screening, the candidates are then invited to present their pitch to a panel comprising of current BIG officers. The 12-15 interns finally selected are expected to attend a weekend class taught by BIG's dedicated intern directors, participate in the general-member meetings, and complete weekly deliverables.

  • DISCLAIMER: Topics and pace are at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Week 1: Introduction to Investing
  • Week 2: Identifying Competitive Advantages
  • Week 3: Compacted Accounting Principles
  • Week 4: Intro to Financial Modeling (Unit Economics)
  • Week 5: Company Valuation Using Multiples
  • Week 6: Introduction to Discounted Cash Flows
  • Week 7: Idea Generation
  • Week 8: Capital Allocation & Management
  • Week 9: Final Pitch and Feedback
Applications Tools
  • Intern Application will be released at the start of the fall semester. If you're looking to get a head start email: Ben Eisenberg
  • Our work: Past Pitches

What the Intern Program Brings You

- A path to be an analyst - all of our analysts were interns, except for one urban legend

- We offer a highly-accelerated learning experience

- We teach advanced financial modeling - Great for interviews!

- Interns participate in a consulting competition and recieve feedback on their pitches

- Each intern receives guidance from a BIG mentor

- The average intern spends 10-15 hrs a week on material