What is the Intern Program?


The Berkeley Investment Group offers a semester-long internship as a means of training exceptional students to become analysts. It's ambitious. Why? Because the program is in-depth and very fast-paced with different topics within finance being introduced every single week. Applications go out typically at the beginning of each semester after our first info session. Applicants are required to write up a stock pitch with heavy emphasis given on both the creativity of their ideas and validity of their variant perception, or how the analysis differs from what "The Street" is thinking. Upon passing the initial screening, the candidates are then invited to present their pitch to a panel comprising of current BIG officers. The 12-15 interns finally selected are expected to attend a weekend class taught by BIG's dedicated intern directors, participate in the general-member meetings, and complete weekly deliverables. The average intern spends 10-15 hours a week on material.

  • DISCLAIMER: Topics and pace are at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Week 1: Introduction to Investing
  • Week 2: Identifying Competitive Advantages
  • Week 3: Intro to Financial Modeling (Unit Economics)
  • Week 4: Company Valuation Using Multiples
  • Week 5: Midterm Pitch and Feedback
  • Week 6: Three Statement Modeling
  • Week 7: Introduction to Discounted Cash Flows
  • Week 8: Idea Generation
  • Week 9: Capital Allocation & Management
  • Week 10: Final Pitch and Feedback
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What the Intern Program Brings You

- A path to be an analyst - all of our analysts were interns, except for one urban legend

- We offer a highly-accelerated learning experience

- We teach advanced financial modeling - Great for interviews!

- Interns participate in a consulting competition and recieve feedback on their pitches

- Each intern receives guidance from a BIG mentor


The application for the spring semester has closed.

Intern Program FAQ

When can I apply? Why is there no application currently availible?

Our application is typically only open in a two week window during the first month of the semester. For example, in the Fall 2017 semester, our application period ran from 8/30 - 9/7.

What do I have to do for the application?

While the application varies semester to semester, the focal point is a stock pitch. We expect our applicants to qualitatively pitch us a long or a short on a publically traded company.

Do I need investing experience to apply?

No! Some of our most successful interns have started off with little to no investing knowledge. In the stock pitch portion of the application we are looking more for researching and critical thinking skills rather than technical knowledge.

Why do I have to pay the general member fee?

We require all officers to be general members since we expect them to be active participants in the program. We expect applicants to also be members because it shows that they are committed to participating to the club in some capacity. It also provides people who don't get accepted to the intern program another outlet to involve themselves in our community!

Any other questions? Want to talk to an officer?

Send an email to: Ben Eisenberg